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Find rabbit breeders by location, rabbit sanctuaries and shelters, rabbit supplies, and more. Search for rabbit rescue organizations and rabbitries by county or state.

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Happy Tails Flemish Giants
We offer Flemish Giants in 4 varieties: Blue, Black, Fawn, and Sandy. We are registered members in good standing with both the ARBA and NFFGRB. All of our breeding stock are Registered with ARBA and their off-springs are eligible for registration.


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Bunny Rabbit Lover
We offer rabbit hutch and Rabbits Accessories at
Added May 28, 2018 - Category: Rabbit Supplies

Heart of Dixie Rabbitry
A small rabbitry focused on producing temperament friendly and show quality English Angoras, but above all, making sure our bunnies find their way into loving and attentive homes. Added June 18, 2017 - Category: Rabbit Breeders: Louisiana

Brick House Acres Rabbitry
We raise Champagne d'Argent rabbits in central NY. Champagnes are the perfect "Backyard Livestock" providing companionship, meat, manure & fur. Quality pet, breeding & show stock available.
Added May 7, 2017 - Category: Rabbit Breeders New York

RabbitPedia is an all-in-one website that is offering vast amounts of rabbit information and user-friendly visitor interaction.
Added April 31, 2017 - Category: Rabbits

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