Rabbit Breeders / Rabbitries in Arizona

Cactus Country Lionheads
Breeder of lionhead rabbits in Southern Arizona.

Silver Creek Rabbitry
We have a commercial meat and show rabbitry here in Snowflake, Arizona where we raise Pedigree: Californians, New Zealand Whites, Lionhead, Mini Rex, and Flemish Giants. We have very good quality rabbits including the 2009 ARBA National Convention Best of Breed Californians and our show breeds have numerous other State and National Wins. On the meat side of things, we buy fryer rabbits from producers on a monthly basis and pay some of the best prices per pound. Check with us if interested in becoming a producer and for prices. Also check with us if interested in top quality pedigree show breeds breeding stock. We usually have 400-600+ rabbits at one time so we can definitely meet your rabbit needs.

Mad Hatter Rabbits
A rabbitry in Northern Arizona raising Champagne d'Argent, Silver Marten, Rex, Mini Rex, and Holland Lop rabbits for pets, show, and meat.

Random Pine Rabbitry
Raising Satin Rabbits for meat. Raising Britannia Petites in REW for pet or show. Raising Satin Angora for wool production

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