Rabbit Breeders / Rabbitries in New York

Brick House Acres Rabbitry
We raise Champagne d'Argent rabbits in central NY. Champagnes are the perfect "Backyard Livestock" providing companionship, meat, manure & fur. Quality pet, breeding & show stock available.

Pinewind Farm
Rare Silver Rabbits in New York State. Also raising dairy goats. Feel free to browse our site and contact us if you want to talk about bunnies. We love our animals!

TuckAway Rescue 'n Rabbitry
Mostly a breeder of lionhead rabbits, but also takes in rabbits in need of a home and then attempts to find them a good home.

I have a small home based rabbitry in central New York concentrating only on English Lops.

Hocus Pocus Rabbitry
Mini Lops in various colors. ARBA Registered Rabbitry in Upstate NY. Specializing in Chocolates & Lillacs. We also have Mini Satins & Mini Rex rabbits.

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