Having Fun with Your pets in Spring can be Done with a Bit of Planning

rabbit outdoors in grass

Spring has arrived and with it comes more daylight and the possibility of being able to enjoy the outdoors. This means that it is possible for people to enjoy the outdoors with their pets on a regular basis when compared with winter months. However, vets are now advising pet owners to take precautions prior to taking their pets outdoors to enjoy the change in weather.

There are a number of ways to keep your pet healthy when taking them outside.

With the improvement in the weather comes more time spend outside and there is the possibility that your pet could have other ideas when it comes to sticking with you. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your dog or cat has a microchip so that it can be identified but also make sure that it wears a collar with a tag that contains important contact details.

It is not just parks and fields that animals love, they also love the garden, the place where planting, feeding and treating takes place. When feeding and treating plants make sure that your pet remains indoors and try to use chemicals that are pet friendly, following advice that is on the containers of any insecticides or fertilizers. When it comes to plants, some can be poisonous to pets so be sure to check out which ones are safe.

Spring cleaning is the time when people decide to have a good clear out in an attempt to wave goodbye to winter. This is where chemicals are used to clean and freshen up the home but once again take care to ensure that chemicals and cleaning solutions are kept away from pets and where possible use cleaners that are pet friendly.

As time spent outside is likely to increase it is time to protect your pet, so give them new flea, tick and worming treatments like advantage flea treatments for dogs, cats or rabbits, but ensure that you speak to your vet before giving your pet any form of treatment.

It is possible for fleas to fall off your pet so vacuuming carpets and rugs is important as it stops them from breeding and being passed back onto your pet.

Some pets also have thick coats during the winter which means spring time is when they start to shed it. Hairballs and matted fur can be prevented through regular brushing.

Just like humans, pets can have allergies that are linked to foods, dust, plants and pollens and a reaction can result in itching and skin that is sore. If your pet has a possible allergy then a visit to your vet is vital to ensure that they receive the correct pet medication.

Safety is paramount with animals and with warmer weather comes the need to open windows, whether that is in the car or at home. Open windows are a potential hazard for pets, especially cats as they are prone to jumping or even falling from open windows so always ensure that you know where they are in the house.

A cool breeze is always welcomed during the warmer months and pets enjoy this, but beware that there are dangers associated with pets sticking their heads out of window of a moving vehicle. Eye injuries can be cause by debris and insects and any sudden changes in direction or speed can result in an injury or worse. Ideally, pets should be kept in a cage or wear a seatbelt harness when traveling.

Making improvements at home are often needed in the spring but when it comes to painting both indoors and outdoors be aware that paints, solvents and spirits can cause irritation or chemical burns. If tools are being used ensure that any hazards such as nails, blades and other physical hazards are kept out of their way. It is good practice to put your pet in an area of the home that is pet friendly to ensure that they are safe.