RabbitPedia is an all-in-one website that is offering vast amounts of rabbit information and user-friendly visitor interaction.

Informative website related to the Lionhead Rabbit, this relatively new rabbit breed has recently been recognized in the United States by the American Rabbit Breeders Assocation. The website is created by owners and breeders and is a guide for everyone who is interested in Lionhead Rabbits.

Flemish Giant
A guide for learning all about Flemish Giant care, including their diet, breeding, and more.

Barbi Brown's Bunnies
Rabbit care and husbandry info from someone who has been raising bunnies for 27 years.

Pet Rabbit Info
How to care for your house rabbit, what to feed them (nutrition), how to litter box train your pet and how to live with these wonderful pets.

House Rabbits - Pet Bunnies - Rabbit Care
My House Rabbit is dedicated to celebrating house rabbits and providing useful information on bunny care, behavior, and health. Browse articles about diet, litterbox training, housing, and more!

Website about the dwarf rabbits in Russia, exhibitions, forum. (Site is in Russian.)

Hello ! Come visit my site! Information about rabbits, as well as videos and lots of photos. (Site is in Russian.)

Binky Bunny
Tips and Tricks for living with house rabbits in an easy to understand fun format.

The Rabbits Blog
A blog with lots of interesting rabbit information on all different rabbit topics.

Dwarf Rabbits, Nursery Yshastik
At our site you will find trustworthy information about the maintenance and keeping of dwarf rabbits, about recommended feeding, education, leaving, veterinary aspects, and many other things. (Site is in Russian.)

Rabbits Planet
Rabbits Planet is a Russian site about rabbits - rabbit diseases, breed colors, Russian angora rabbits, and more.

Pet Rabbits
Pet care, rabbit care, and rabbit breed information with pictures, as well as information on other small animals.

Raising Rabbits
Complete raising rabbits information and breeder support, covering all aspects of raising rabbits, including building your own cages and hutches, taking care of pet rabbits, breeding rabbits, rabbit health and disease, rabbits for sale, cooling rabbits, feeding rabbits, recipes, tanning pelts, and much much more. Site is intended as a resource for all breeders, so they can confidently refer their new rabbit customers to Raising-Rabbits.com, and know the rabbits they sell will be well-cared-for.

Kaninchen und Zwergkaninchen bei kleintiernews.de
Kleintiernews.de ist ein deutsches Onlinemagazin über Kaninchen - aktuelle Infos für Züchter und Anfänger, sowie viele Schauberichte. (Kleintiernews.de is a German online magazine about rabbits - the latest information for breeders and beginners, and many show reports.)

Blog Rabbitry Riponti Rabbit Jakarta (Indonesian blog about rabbits with lots of rabbit photos).

Rabbit Smarties
Creative resources for rabbit breeders! Specializing in quality materials for 4-H clubs and ARBA royalty contestants. Also coat color genetics guide. Our site features a blog full of interesting items for rabbit breeders and graphic design services.

Kaninchen Tipps
A German website about rabbits with lots of advice. Espacially for beginners.

Bunnyhugga is an information library for rabbit owners with an A to Z of rabbit health, housing, diet, breeds, behavior, house rabbits and more.

WabbitWiki is a resource dedicated to rabbit care and information started by the rabbits community for everyone to use. This wiki tries to give a comprehensive guide with all relevant links and information in the smallest number of pages.

Haustiere-Kaninchen.de -Die Seite rund um das Kaninchen
Auf unserer Webseite finden Sie alles rund um das Haustier Kaninchen. Lernen Sie hier, wie Ihr Tier denkt und was für das Kaninchen am Besten ist. (On our website you will find everything about the pet rabbit. Learn here how your pet thinks and what is best for your rabbit.)

General Rabbit Care
General rabbit care information for rabbit owners.

All Things Rabbits
All Things Rabbits is your source for rabbit care: nutrition, health, litter training, behavior, grooming, supplies, bonding, and more!

How to Take Care of a Rabbit
A guide for learning how to take care of your pet rabbit.